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Restoration Dentistry

From Thomas Condron D.D.S. in Clarksburg, WV

Do You Need Restorative Dental Services?

When gums or teeth become diseased, the best course of action is to prevent more damage from happening and restoring as much of the dentition as possible. If you find yourself in need of partial dentures, crowns, or implants, relying on an experienced dentist is one of the most important steps you can take. If you believe that you need restorative dental services, contact our dental practice today. After a comprehensive dental exam, Dr. Thomas Condron can offer you the best options to get your smile back.

Restorative Dental Services from Thomas Condron D.D.S.

Oral Surgery

Periodontal Surgery
Root Canals
& More!

Bridges and Crowns

Crowns and dental bridges are used to restore the functional and appeal of a person’s teeth. Crowns are generally used to cover damaged or chipped teeth, and can be matched to the color of your natural tooth to ensure concealment. Bridges are used when a single or a few teeth are missing or need to be replaced. The prosthetic is placed in the gap where the natural tooth was removed, and is held together by the neighboring teeth.

Dentures and Partials

Dentures are removable attachments to replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissue or gums. These are used when all of the teeth in the gums are missing. Partial dentures, or partials, are removable attachments to replace a missing tooth or teeth when most or some of the natural teeth remain.

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery, or gum surgery, is the reshaping of the gum tissue, periodontal ligament, and bone that support the teeth. If areas of your jaw have become misshapen for any reason, Dr. Condron and his staff can restore the normal shape and function to damaged structures with periodontal surgery.

All Forms of Dental Insurance are Accepted for Restorative Services

If you are in need of the most reliable restorative dental services in North Central West Virginia, the dental office of Thomas Condron, D.D.S. is the place to go! All of our services are designed to allow the most effective dentition restoration while causing the least amount of discomfort, so you never have to dread going to the dentist! We accept all forms of dental insurance, so call today to set up an appointment with us!